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Water / Wastewater / Environment

Gemeinde Beselich

Remote control solution for the water supply of Beselich with Sinaut ST7

The company

Beselich was founded on 31.12.1970 by the voluntary merger of the formerly independent villages of Obertiefenbach, Niedertiefenbach, Schupbach and Heckholzhausen and today has about 5,800 inhabitants.

Charmingly situated between the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr conurbations, Beselich has a good infrastructure and excellent transport links. The cities of Limburg an der Lahn, Gießen and Wetzlar as well as the federal highway A3 and the ICE train station Limburg, which is only 8 km away, can be reached quickly via the federal highway 49 running through the municipal area.

The water supply is ensured in the community of Beselich by the civil municipality.
The drinking water for the districts of Ober- and Niedertiefenbach is obtained from the deep well in the Kuhweg, district of Obertiefenbach. In the process, the mineral-rich groundwater is first aerated with oxygen and the natural manganese is removed via a multi-layer filter. The downstream softening plant then ensures high-quality drinking water.

Task and solution

The municipality of Beselich invited tenders for the renewal of the telecontrol system for the water supply as part of a public invitation to tender with a preceding competition.

The requirement was the use of an open standard system in order not to be bound to one manufacturer for later extensions and maintenance work. The Siemens SINAUT ST7 telecontrol system was used to solve the task. For the connection of the individual buildings to the control center the most different communication ways are used like leased line, GSM and dial-up line.

Wizcon Supervisor was used as a server/client system for visualization and operation. The connection to the telecontrol system is made via Wizcon's own ST7cc driver. So that the responsible water master can exert the greatest possible influence on the management of the individual structures such as elevated tanks, deep wells, etc., all relevant parameters can be set via the control system.

Particularly the integrated pipe burst monitoring is to be emphasized here. Thus, during the night hours, when the water consumption is almost zero, the flow in the individual pipe sections is monitored. If the set limit value is exceeded within a likewise adjustable time period, an alarm is sent to the cell phone of the on-call service, indicating the fault and the current flow rate. This means that immediate action can be taken without losing precious water. The filling levels of the individual elevated tanks are also monitored so that the water master can be alerted immediately if the level falls below certain threshold values.

Another workstation of the control system is located in the town hall of the municipality, in order to always have an overview of the entire water supply of the municipality of Beselich.

The project in compact

Water supply

  •     1 deep well
  •     2 treatment plants
  •     3 elevated tanks
  •     1 special consumer
  •     1 pressure boosting

Telecontrol system

  •     Wizcon Supervisor as central control system
  •     Wizcon driver WizST7
  •     telecontrol SINAUT ST7
  •     server/client structure
  •     connection via leased line, dial-up line and GSM
  •     remote access via GSM/GPRS with stand-by laptop
  •     integration of Profibus PA transducer