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Steel Industry

Gontermann-Peipers GmbH

Quality assurance by the integration of ERP systems in the production process

The company

The production of steel rolls is based on highly individual processes, as the course of the manufacturing process determines the properties of the rolls. They are therefore manufactured according to the specific requirements of the end customer for their area of application. Gontermann-Peipers, headquartered in Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, has been in business since 1825 and, in addition to rolls, manufactures other cast products using a variety of production and machining processes. In total, the company processes around 20,000 tons of iron per year in its own furnaces, first to steel and then further to steel rolls.

Task and solution

Each manufacturing step, from casting to heat treatment to cooling, influences the properties of rolls, e.g. the fracture resistance or the hardness of the roll surface and its wear resistance. Therefore, acquisition and recording of the temperature curves of the workpieces during heat treatment are of crucial importance for Gontermann-Peipers. They ensure that each roll was heated and cooled according to the specified temperature curve. Following a control system modernization, this data is recorded and archived by the SIMATIC WinCC V7 SCADA system.

In addition to the safe operation of the production plant, the system now also offers data exchange with Gontermann-Peipers' ERP system and the creation of up-to-date analyses, documentation and evaluations. In a one-minute cycle, about 300 measured values are recorded and stored by the control system. This data is transferred to the ERP system for further processing and storage. The data consistency of both systems minimizes errors and duplicate entries. In addition, focus integrated the new SCADA system into a modern IT infrastructure with virtual machines. SIMATIC WinCC now optimizes production at the Siegen-based roll manufacturer and monitors the smooth running of the heat treatment of cast rolls. In addition, the new control system increased productivity by reducing the risk of furnace downtime. Gontermann-Peipers can now generate order- and batch-related evaluations easily and in an audit-proof manner and confirm product quality to customers. The open, scalable architecture of the SCADA system allows for extensions and additional operator stations.

Customer benefits

  • audit-proof order and batch-related evaluations
  • step-by-step integration into the existing plant
  • integration of the SCADA system into the modern IT infrastructure incl. use of virtual machines