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Sparkasse - Südliche Weinstrasse

Higher-level building control system for a service centre

The company

Sparkasse Südliche Weinstraße in Landau i.d. Pfalz is a non-profit, gilt-edged institution under public law.

It was founded in 1990 through the merger of the former Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Landau i.d. Pfalz, the Kreissparkasse Annweiler-Bad Bergzabern and the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Edenkoben. It has its registered office in Landau i.d. Pfalz, Marie-Curie-Strasse 5 and is entered in Commercial Register A under number 2321 at Landau Local Court. As a member of the Savings Banks and Giro Association of Rhineland-Palatinate, Sparkasse Südliche Weinstrasse is affiliated with the German Savings Banks and Giro Association in Berlin and thus integrated into the protection system of all German savings banks.

With total assets of 2.8 billion euros (31.12.2005), 648 employees and 65 branches, Sparkasse Südliche Weinstraße is the market-leading universal credit institution in the Südliche Weinstraße district and in the city of Landau. It is a reliable financial partner for small and medium-sized businesses, local authorities and its private customers.

Thanks to its personal proximity to the local community, it has strong ties with the region and the people who live there. It expresses its high level of responsibility through a broad social and cultural commitment. In particular, it promotes art, culture and popular sports and supports educational and social institutions.

Task and solution

The largest construction project in the history of Sparkasse Südliche Weinstraße, the construction of a savings bank service center as the new headquarters for the network of 65 branches, has been completed. A 15,000 square meter site in Landau's industrial park was chosen as the location. The building provides modern, functional workplaces for nearly 400 employees. Flexible, economical, easy to operate - these were the specifications for the building automation system. Special requirements also arose from the high demands in the area of security and the prestigious use of the building.
security and the prestigious use of the building.

Even on hot days, the building automation system ensures pleasant coolness in the morning, as the automatic system tilts the windows on the upper floors at night and starts up the ventilation. Brightness-dependent pre-shading prevents the building from heating up due to solar radiation. During the day, the blinds also move automatically and the lighting changes. However, employees can intervene at any time - the automatic system does not dominate, it supports. If events are held in the foyer in the evening, the organizers can call up pre-programmed lighting scenes. The floor plan-oriented display on the PC can be operated intuitively.

The solution is based on a WizconServer, which functions as a data collector, web server and alarm control center. Web technology is used for operator stations. This is where the thin-client concept with its lean, standards-based architecture can show its advantages. It meets the strict requirements placed on the IT environment of a savings bank. Communication with the decentralized units is vendor-neutral via LON technology, and the components used are open and freely scalable. The diverse tasks of room automation are implemented here using system distributors from the WAGO I/O System 750.

A major advantage of this combination has proven to be that both WAGO hardware and emation software (WizPLC) can be programmed with only one IEC-61131-3 programming system.

The project in compact

  • Wizcon Supervisor as superordinate building control system for all trades
  • alarm control center with alarm forwarding
  • thin-client web technology for operator stations
  • combination of Wizcon Supervisor software and WAGO hardware offers open, flexible and cost-effective solutions
  • connection of additional properties via intranet