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Use Case 6

Edge entry per Plug & Play


Companies often have no or only outdated automation technology on their machines/plants. As a result, the processes are not transparent. There is a lack of important key figures (KPI/OEE) to monitor the productivity of the machines/systems and any malfunctions that occur. The effort for upgrading or modernizing the automation technology is often too cost-intensive.


  • selection of a potential machine/plant
  • use of the focus-Edge case to connect the machine/plant
    • only 230V power supply and network connection necessary
    • connection via digital signals 24VDC or 230VAC
      z. e.g. status: operation, malfunction, counter for number of pieces, OEE, etc.
    • installation <= 1 day on-site
    • 4 weeks free use of focus-Edge case (subject to availability)


  • clear representation of machines/plant status in the dashboard
  • access via browser, desktop or mobile
  • immediate benefit through verifiable costs when using edge technology