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It’s not the question whether the next industrial revolution is coming. The question is, are you in?

Tomorrow's industrial processes are digital, networked and autonomous. And we are familiar with that. With innovative solutions for automation and digitalization we prepare your company for the future and catapult you directly to the next level of automated production processes, directly into the age of Industry 4.0.

We, that is the focus Industrieautomation GmbH. For over 30 years now, we have been operating safely and professionally in the dynamic field of process-oriented IT systems and digital automation technology. We plan and implement suitable and sustainable solutions for various sectors of the process and manufacturing industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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  1. 04.1992

    Foundation of focus Industrieautomation GmbH by Dieter Munsch and Detlef Schneider / offices in Limburg / sales and support of PC based process visualisation software (Wizcon) exclusively in Germany

  2. 10.1992

    Visit to the automation fair INTERKAMA in Düsseldorf / frequent visit to following trade fairs: Hanover Industrial Fair, SPS/IPC/DRIVES and INTERKAMA

  3. 11.1994

    Move to larger premises in Merenberg, Industriestraße 9

  4. 01.1996

    Opening of a new branch in Osnabrück for sales and support in the north of Germany

  5. 08.1999

    First vocational training contract as an IT specialist with a focus on application development

  6. 01.2000

    Foundation of eMation GmbH as a distributor of web-enabled automation software

  7. 03.2000

    eMation and focus were successfully represented at Hannover 2000 Industry Trade Fair. Presentation of pioneering web technologies for automation systems: 200 square metres of exhibition space, press conference and own presentation show

  8. 01.2001

    Separation of business divisions. The newly founded eMation GmbH takes over the distribution and support of the visualisation software Wizcon. focus Industrieautomation GmbH concentrates on holistic automation solutions. Markus Michels becomes chief executive officer

  9. 04.2002

    Company's 10th anniversary: celebrations with the Hessian finance minister Karlheinz Weimar, county commissioner Manfred Fluck, president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Günther Schmidt as well as numerous clients

  10. 04.2005

    Relocation to the company´s own new building at Siemensstraße 10 in Merenberg

  11. 09.2005

    Certification as a Siemens Solution Partner for the following areas: Step7 / HMI / Simatic NET / PCS7

  12. 10.2005

    Open day. Presentation of the new building to clients and suppliers

  13. 09.2009

    Specialist audits conducted by Siemens / focus is certified as a WinCC Specialist

  14. 11.2011

    Attendance at SPS/IPC/Drives as a partner at the Siemens AG booth. Presentation of a database-supported traceability system in production processes

  15. 04.2012

    Company's 20th anniversary

  16. 01.2014

    Certification as a Siemens Solution Partner 'Water & Wastewater'

  17. 11.2014

    Attendance at SPS IPC Drives as a Siemens Solution Partner. Presentation of process tracking and optimization in manufacturing systems

  18. 06.2015

    Attendance at Achema in Frankfurt as Siemens Solution Partner / presentation of a solution for the flexible batch production with WinCC

  19. 09.2016

    Introduction of health and safety protection / Receipt of the quality label “Sicher mit System“

  20. 04.2017

    Company's 25th anniversary

  21. 05.2017

    focus signs contract for the use of MindSphere – the cloud-based, open IoT- operating system of Siemens

  22. 11.2017

    focus becomes Siemens MindSphere Silver Partner

  23. 04.2018

    Dieter Munsch, founder and CEO of focus Industrieautomation GmbH, leaves the company.

  24. 05.2018

    Mike Hofmann and Marcell Polley are named authorized signatory.

  25. 11.2019

    Successful completion of the audit "Sustainable Corporate Culture" of the Initiative New Quality of Work

  26. 04.2020

    Managing Director Markus Michels celebrates 20th anniversary

  27. 08.2020

    focus joins the Alliance for Cybersecurity at the Federal Office for Information Security

  28. 10.2020

    ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Expert

  29. 06.2021

    EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE)

  30. 12.2021

    focus becomes Siemens Edge Partner

  31. 04.2022

    30th anniversary of the company

  32. 05.2022

    2nd place IHK Education Award 2022

  33. 11.2022

    2nd place in the category „SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT-Starter: Small companies“

    Award winner of the competition „Success factor family 2022“

1992Company foundation 37Employees


Siemens AGSolution Partner, WinCC Specialist and
Industry Solution Partner Water & Wastewater
B&R Industrial Automation GmbHB&R Qualified Partner Program
Safety guarantedhealth and safety protection at the workplace
emation GmbHe3m Partner
VIDEC GmbHIRMA® System Partner and
ACRON Solution Partner
EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE)CAE/CAD engineering at focus

Siemens AG – Solution Partner, WinCC Specialist
and Industry Solution Partner Water & Wastewater

Selected systems integrators operate under the name Siemens Solution Partners as providers of Siemens automation and drive technology products holding globally standardised qualifications. The Siemens Solution Partner emblem stands for superior quality – and is thus a reliable indicator that your projects will be executed successfully.

The systematic promotion and enhancement of our partners’ standards is a key element of our unique programme. Contractually defined quality criteria for our partners and clearly defined processes for providing them with optimum support play a central role in this. We thus ensure that through their in-depth product knowledge and systems know-how and their top industry expertise our partners are without exception outstanding at what they do.

Portfolio Module Certificate - Factory Automation | Siemens Solution Partner
Certificate - Identification & Locating | Siemens Solution Partner
Certificate - Process Control System | Siemens Solution Partner

Expert Module Certificate - Water & Wastewater | Siemens Solution Partner
Certificate - SCADA | Siemens Solution Partner
Certificate - Industrial Edge | Siemens Solution Partner

B&R Industrial Automation GmbH – B&R Qualified Partner Program

B&R's Qualified Partner Program is a network of system integrators and engineering offices with many years of experience in the use of B&R technology. The goal of the program is the successful, joint implementation of end customer projects and the establishment of a long-term partnership.

Regular training sessions and annual recertifications as well as an intensive exchange with the regional B&R subsidiaries guarantee a high level of competence in the implementation of end customer projects with B&R solutions. B&R supports the Qualified Partners in the acquisition of projects and can draw on the application resources of the partners when needed.

The Qualified Partner Program was started in 2017 to systematically respond to the great demand on the market for qualified partners and to provide system integrators who have been working with B&R for years with a platform to make their expertise in consulting, planning and project management available to a constantly growing market.

Homepage - www.br-automation.com

Safety guaranted – health and safety protection at the workplace

Health and safety protection is an essential part of our company’s policy. We are determined to reduce the number of work-related accidents and diseases continually and permanently.

In order to meet these requirements, we have voluntarily submitted all the measures concerning our management of health and safety protection to an audit by the trade association.

The demands were very high and the preparations lasted several months. Finally auditors examined on the spot whether health and safety protection was efficiently managed and maintained by our company.

Certificate - Systematic Safety

emation GmbH – e3m Partner

focus has been certified by the emation GmbH as an e3m partner. Thus focus fulfills the requirements of a successful project realisation of the active energy management system e3m according to recognised standards.

As an official member of the e3m partner network focus profits by a close contact to the software developers. On the one hand, focus extends the expert knowledge of its employees dealing with e3m by trainings and partner meetings. On the other hand, focus contributes to the constant improvement of e3m by a regular exchange of experiences.

Homepage - www.e3m.de
Certificate - e3m Partner - emation GmbH


focus has successfully taken part in the PROFIBUS-DP and PROFINET seminars offered by Indu-Sol. The seminars components included installation, troubleshooting, diagnosis and maintenance.

As a result, focus has qualified to perform professional fault analysis, acceptance testing, certification, planning and commissioning of Profibus networks.

Homepage - www.indu-sol.com
Certificate - Seminar Profibus - Indu-Sol
Certificate - Online training Profinet - Indu-Sol

VIDEC GmbH – IRMA® System Partner

focus was certified by VIDEC Data Engineering as IRMA® System Partner. This certificate confirms that focus is a qualified solution provider for VIDEC and partner products in the field of cyber security for production plant IT.

Certificate - IRMA® System Partner

VIDEC GmbH – ACRON Solution Partner

focus was certified by VIDEC Data Engineering as ACRON solution partner. This certificate confirms the long term expert knowledge and competence of focus in using this software for the filing, the evaluating and the analysis of plant data.

In a huge number of plants started up by focus, one or more ACRON applications have been installed for long term archiving, logging and quality assurance of the plant’s data.

Certificate - Solution Partner - ACRON
Homepage - www.videc.de

EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) at focus
Full competence for efficient engineering

Mario Solbach, state-certified Electric engineering technician / me and working in the CAE/CAD engineering department at focus since 01.10.2010, has successfully completed the 22-day training course followed by a 3-day examination to become an EPLAN Certified Engineer.

With the targeted and comprehensive training at the EPLAN Training Academy, Mr. Solbach was trained as an engineering expert and, by passing the exam, provided proof of his extensive skills in the efficient use of the system using the latest engineering methods with the EPLAN rating. As part of the Automation Package, the training focused on the topics of scripting and PLC. Exam content included macro and device technology, part and master data creation, standardized schematic documentation, standardized engineering, automation training and certification preparation.

Homepage - www.eplan.de
Certificate - EPLAN Certified Engineer (ECE) | Mr Mario Solbach