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Buildings / Energy

Hörmann KG

Building automation for the Eckelhausen plant

The company

The Hörmann Group is Europe's largest supplier of doors, frames and operators. This has been achieved through decades of steady growth of a family business under the sign of innovation, quality guarantee and customer proximity. Hörmann KG is already managed in the fourth generation by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the company founder.

In addition to the production of a completely new type of up-and-over garage door in the 1950s, it was above all the vertically opening sectional doors for industrial and commercial buildings in the 1960s that initiated a promising development and associated steady growth. Today, the product range also includes fire protection and multi-purpose doors, folding and sliding doors, front doors, door and window systems as well as door operators. Today, the company has a total of over 5,000 employees and a total turnover of over 800 million euros.

Task and solution

The task was to automate the building technology of an assembly hall. The main focus here was to be on energy efficiency. Since the individual areas of the hall are not permanently occupied due to shift operation, it was to be possible to control the lighting and heating in each area. The entire hall as well as the partial areas of it should be clearly displayed via a PC-supported visualization for the janitor and the security personnel. Furthermore, the visualization should be web-enabled, i.e. access to the hall should be possible from every PC workstation, exclusively via a browser without any other software installation.

To solve this task, each of the 34 hall areas has its own controller from WAGO, which are networked via TCP/IP. For synchronization and management of the central functions, such as burner monitoring, a head controller was used, which also handles functions such as clock synchronization.

For visualization, Wizcon Supervisor was used, which is also networked with the controllers via TCP/IP. The administration of the occupancy times for the hall areas is realized via a web-enabled PHP frontend, which is embedded in the Wizcon environment. Via this interface the daily switching times are entered on a weekly basis.

The visualization then cyclically switches the hall occupancy for a week to the area controllers.

The data is stored on a MySQL server, which is installed on the visualization PC.

In this way, central access to the occupancy schedules is guaranteed and it will be possible to create a link to the production or shift planning system in the future in order to automate the input of the occupancy schedules.

The project in compact

  • Wizcon Supervisor as higher-level building control system
  • 34 WAGO controller with head station via TCP/IP
  • integrated PHP database frontend
  • data storage on MySQL server
  • thin client web technology for operation